Veggie Meat – Middle Eastern Style!


Veggie Meat – Middle Eastern

To the vegetarians and health conscious peeps looking for new things to eat – this is especially for you!

Middle Eastern cuisine is definitely becoming more popular in Manila. We all know the “Shawarma Craze” that happened approximately 10 years ago. While this pita-wrapped treat isn’t enjoying as much popularity anymore, we see Persian restaurants popping out of everywhere and nowhere introducing less familiar Middle Eastern dishes such as Kebab on buttered rice! (choke…) Continue reading

Authentic Italian Food is definitely Rarely Ordered!

Authentic Italian FoodProbably Italian cuisine is something that most of us have experienced one way or another. We are all familiar with the usual Italian course of pastas and pizzas, but have you ever wondered whether it was truly Italian? Pasta is of course, already standard with fast food joints, and we even have purely dedicated pizza places, but they serve it in the well-known American Style, or suited to fit the Filipino palette such as the Italian-scorned Filipino “Sweet Spaghetti with Hot Dogs.” :D Continue reading

More than one way to cook Bangus…

BangusBangus is an interesting restaurant that promotes the bangus – in English the milkfish. This tasty freshwater fish is not the national fish of the Philippines for nothing. The milky taste that comes from the modest amounts of its fatty belly is absolutely heavenly. The meat is hard to prepare professionally since one has to tediously remove the little and numerous bones found virtually in all parts it. It is a delicacy for foreigners and an all-time favorite for Filipinos. Continue reading