More than one way to cook Bangus…

BangusBangus is an interesting restaurant that promotes the bangus – in English the milkfish. This tasty freshwater fish is not the national fish of the Philippines for nothing. The milky taste that comes from the modest amounts of its fatty belly is absolutely heavenly. The meat is hard to prepare professionally since one has to tediously remove the little and numerous bones found virtually in all parts it. It is a delicacy for foreigners and an all-time favorite for Filipinos.

Usually, this fish is usually just either fried, stuffed, mashed or made into Sinigang. However in Bangus Restaurant, we find very unconventional ways of cooking it. We chose the three we found most interesting in the menu and put them here for your delight!


Bangus Lumpia

Fiel: This is a great new twist to our favorite fried lumpia! Other than the enticing taste of the bangus, the main difference of this from regular pork lumpia is the texture. It is smoother and it slides down much easier since the mashed fish meat is much softer. The seasonings and spices used in the mashed fish meat was great too! The dip however, didn’t match the dish itself and I preferred to eat it as it is. This gets an 8/10.

Ren: A different approach to the ever popular lumpia. The fish was grounded well the meat was juicy at most, and the sauce just gave the right kick in comparison to the calm taste of the lumpia. I give it a 8.5/10.


Bangus Kare-Kare

Fiel: I did not think much of the kare-kare sauce as it was not viscous enough and the bagoong was not flavorful enough. The fish was a bit dry too and it did not go well with the sauce. All in all, it just seemed to be too bland for me. This is a dish that could have worked, but not this time. 4/10.

Ren: Well for the Kare Kare part, it was like a regular Kare Kare. The taste of the Bangus fish just didn’t mix or wasn’t there with the creamy broth. and the fish was dry of sorts. But a good thing to try but not a favorite. Another nice “to-try” dish for me 7/10.


Bangus Belly in Tamarind Candy Sauce

Fiel: This must be the best bangus dish I have tasted as far as I can remember! The tamarind sauce was not overpoweringly sweet or sour – which is good because you could really taste the fried bangus belly. The belly was cooked just right too – as the “fatty” taste in my opinion, would not dissuade non-fatty eaters from liking it. The fried kangkong leaves with it were crispy and blended well with the sauce too! My only qualm about this one was that there wasn’t enough serving! This is a 9.2/10.

Ren: The sauce is definitely the highlight of this dish! It was sweet and had a bit of its well known tangerine flavor. With the fried fish and vegetable give this dish a bit of a balance. A decent surprise 8.75/10 for me!

When we went: Last July 26, Saturday at around 1PM
Where it is: Mall of Asia!
Budget range: A bit expensive because of the lack of huge servings. Expect to pay P200-P300 per dish on the average that is good for 2-3 people each if you order 2 or more servings.